Parking talk of town after a busy weekend

A fine time to discuss parking: The availability of parking in and around Wollongong is being discussed after a busy day of events on Saturday when Disney on Ice and the Dragons were in town. Picture: Robert Peet.
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Talk about the number ofparking fines issued in Wollongong on Saturday when Disney on Ice andthe Dragons were on hasagain raised the issue of what can be done.

While noone condones parking illegally many want to see more parking available.

WIN Sports and Entertainment Centre manager Stuart Barnes said there were 9000 people at Disney On Ice during the day and 7000 at the Dragons on Saturday night.Mr Barnes said there had beenmore in the precinct before butpeople wanted to park closer because of rain.

“The rangers are out at every event and..we warn people to park legally.We can’t condone people who parkillegally, especially over people’s driveways,or parkin a dangerous fashion. That iswhat rangers get upset about.”

But Mr Barnes isaware of calls for more parking and said some of thatmay be addressed with the convention centre project. It has not been funded but amulti-storey car parkof more than 300 spaces on Stewart Street eastispart ofthe proposal. The present car park accommodates 140 cars.

Councillor Leigh Colacino was attending an event on Monday looking at the best ways to activate a city.He said after five years hardwork Wollongongwasseen as doing that well.But itmeansthere aremore people in the citywhich is why he put aproposal about parking to council recently.

“We are performing very well because of our night time economy.We are looking at the result of all these years of hard work and parking is the other element we have to..get right.”

Cr Colacino said now more people aregoing into thecity“we have to make sure we manage it in a way that is as pleasurable to those people as we can get it”.The proposal he put to council recently was that there were parking areas that have curfewsthat may provide opportunities.

“There is no rhyme of reason to having a car parking area if we don’t allow cars to park in it. Ihave asked for there to be a review of the North Beach parking area. Thatis underway.As toother opportunities in our city for parking..we have got to realise just how quickly our city has changed. Things have to be reviewed right now because if people are beingfined for going to a function..we have to look at that. We are attracting events to our city. So how can we make it a more pleasurable experience for the whole family?”

Cr Colacino said that didn’texcuse people for parking inappropriately, such as in no standing zones or disabled parking areas.He is looking at how to makemore safe parkingavailable.

“We as a city have to address that.We are already looking at it. I have already brought it to the attention of other councillors and staff. And I have asked why do we have parking areas that are shut?That makes no sense to me at all.”

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