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True Champion Champion: Kate Young says Neale Daniher’s efforts to fight the seemingly unstoppable motor neurone disease are truly admirable. Picture: Getty Images
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Many people in our community have opened their wallets to beat the seemingly unbeatable. Thanks to one unassuming modest, terminally ill man.

Footy great Neale Daniher’s efforts in raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to put the freeze on motor neurone disease has brought people together in unity regardless of their football allegiance.

Truly a champion.

Kate Young, Stanley

Attack unwarrantedFor many years it has been the practice of forest industry opponents to personally attack and demonise individuals in positions of responsibility and the organisations they are part of, with the express intent of diminishing anything they say or do in the public mind.

That is a common tactic of the green movement in general.

The latest manifestation of this nasty tactic is the personal attack, both covert and overt, on Dr Peter Volker who is the new CEO of the Forest Practices Authority. In particular I refer to the letter to the Editor “Forest Independence” by Mr Lawatsch on June 6.

Why the personal attack? Simply because Dr Volker worked for me in my capacity as a Liberal Member of Parliament.

I asked Dr Volker to join my office as an advisor because of his impeccable qualifications in forestry. With four degrees including a doctorate and five years as the National President of the Institute of Foresters Australia, Dr Volker obviously enjoyed the confidence of forest scientists nationally.

Having had the opportunity to observe his work at an international level, I know that confidence extended even further.

I was therefore delighted to have someone with such skills and knowledge as my advisor to ensure that I was in a position to enunciate high quality science based policy on behalf of the Coalition government, rather than the hocus pocus approach of industry opponents.

The attacks on Dr Volker now can only be described as structured and organised bullying. This is sadly typical of the nasty politics of the anti-forestry brigade.

Senator Richard Colbeck

Super warningOur PM states “Only 6% are adversely affected by recent budget changes to superannuation” – clearly an untruth.

Those under 60 and aspiring to reduce working hours whilst accessing a Transition to Retirement income stream take note – a proposed 15% tax is to be applied to your income stream fund earnings postJuly 12017. When added to the 15% already applied to your income stream this tax effective strategy, designed to increase your chance at an independent retirement, becomes a marginal proposition for those with lower incomes.This will impact heavily on those ‘average wage earners’ that are preparing for a self funded retired future viaTransition to Retirement.

The opposition, in contrast, promote a 15% tax only on income stream fund returns above $75,000 pa, my goodness how the political landscape is changing.

Ian Fawkner, Spreyton

Senate questionsSenator Lambie, Senator for Tasmania and NOT Senator for Australia.Can you name one single achievement that you haveenacted for the benefit of Tasmania?

It is a pity that you are unable to include the approval of the Port of Burnie (your home town) to be upgraded to meet requirements needed for it be a regular exit of Tasmanian products, expertise etc. to the world.

You have promoted the re-introduction of National Service as an aid to offer positive results for many of our young citizens. Can you offer how this can be rolled out?I note you have low esteem for the armed services, as in Kitchen Cabinet last week (26/05).

I eagerly await your reply.

David Moore, Somerset

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