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Former Independent MPs Rob Oakeshott (left) and Tony Windsor address the media together, during the hung parliament.

FEARS are escalating during the closing stages of the 2016 federal election about reviving the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd era frustrations, with two independent MPs holding the balance of power in the lower house and Greens running the Senate.

Bookmakers have shortened the betting odds for Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor being elected on July 2 in their respective NSW rural electorates and making an unlikely return to Canberra, on the back of new polling data.

Despite holding the balance of power in the previous parliament, after agreeing to side with Labor following 17 days of negotiations following the 2010 election, both MPs resigned ahead of the 2013 federal poll, with their seats falling to the Nationals in comprehensive results.

Ahead of the last election, Mr Windsor cited health reasons in quitting federal politics after 12 years but has decided to contest New England this year against Nationals’ leader Barnaby Joyce, claiming to have regained his appetite for action.

“I don’t really want to be here in three years’ time – there’s other things that I want to do,” Mr Windsor said in 2013 referring to work in Africa and a return to farming.

Mr Windsor will turn 66 later this year and held New England for 12 years before his resignation.

He was also involved in agri-politics before entering the NSW parliament where he was the State member for Tamworth for a decade, before moving into the federal parliament in 2001.

Mr Oakeshott turns 47 this year and recently made a surprise nomination to run in the seat of Cowper held by senior Nationals MP Luke Hartsuyker.

The independent held the NSW coastal seat of Lyne in the hung parliament but is changing electorates this time because boundary redistributions in NSW at this election have pushed his home town of Port Macquarie into Cowper.

Mr Oakeshott entered the NSW parliament in 1996 representing the Nationals for the seat of Port Macquarie but turned independent in 2002 and then won the seat of Lyne in 2008, following former National party leader Mark Vaile’s resignation.

When he resigned ahead of the 2013 election, he said having had five years in the federal parliament, 17 years in public life and after contesting six elections the time was right to move on from politics, given he also had a young family.

In a recent article praising Mr Windsor’s decision to make New England “alive” by contesting the seat this year, Mr Oakeshott said he was a contractor with the United Nations in Myanmar and Fiji and studying to be a medical doctor while “bringing up four awesome kids”.

Today, on the back of new polling data showing an increase in primary vote by the challenger, online bookmaker Sportsbet shortened Mr Windsor’s odds of winning New England from $3.30 into $3.00.

Mr Joyce remains the favourite with his odds going up, from $1.30 out to $1.35, while Mr Oakeshott has firmed in from $5.00 into $4.50 to defeat his Nationals rival who has eased from $1.06 out to $1.17.

The betting agency’s Ben Bulmer said the two former hung parliament independent MPs continued to cause headaches for the Nationals in northern NSW, with Mr Windsor “making up ground on Barnaby Joyce”.

“Rob Oakeshott’s decision to enter the race at the last minute could be a winner with the majority of punters backing him,” he said.

Mr Windsor’s office declined to comment on new polling results released this week by The Australian showing the gap closing between the two candidates, with Mr Joyce marginally ahead.

The polling put Mr Joyce’s primary vote at 48 per cent, with 44pc and anything below that number opening up the danger zone for tipping the result in Mr Windsor’s favour.

National party sources have declined to reveal any internal polling data results for New England but are growing increasingly anxious in the final stages of the election campaign with Mr Windsor gaining ground on his political nemesis, on the critical primary vote.

Mr Joyce has said he remains confident but not cocky about the final election outcome while Mr Windsor has always maintained the seat is winnable, despite an overwhelming win by the Nationals in 2013.

Mr Oakeshott’s former seat of Lyn was won by the Nationals Dr David Gillespie and is now considered a safe conservative electorate with a 13.6pc margin.

Asked about the potential return of Mr Oakeshott to Canberra today, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said voters had a clear choice on July 2, and were also voting now, between a stable Coalition government “with a clear national economic plan that will deliver stronger growth and more and better jobs”.

He said on the other hand, “you have an increasingly desperate and ragged Labor Party looking around in the midst of its scare campaigns to do deals with the Greens and with the Independents”.

“We have some of the former members of the Julia Gillard hung Parliament band seeking to get back together,” he said.

“We have Mr Windsor running in New England.

“We have the prospect of the chaos of Labor and the most anti-business Labor leader in generations, the Greens and the Independents.

“It’s a very clear choice – stable Coalition government, a clear national economic plan or the chaos and dysfunction of Labor, Greens and Independents.”

Quizzed on the same issue, Treasurer Scott Morrison said there was a “whole caravan of chaos with Labor, the Greens and the Independents, with Oakeshott and Windsor”.

He said with the polling up for Mr Oakeshott in Cowper, amid potential preference flows, a repeat scenario was “a very real prospect”.

“The choice at this election is fairly clear; the Coalition can form a stable government and govern in its own right – that is one choice,” he said.

“The other choice – and I don’t think there is anyone suggesting any differently – if Labor were to form a government on the other side of July 2 it would be with Independents and the Greens.

“In particular, with where Oakeshott is said to be polling, well, we could have Rob Oakeshott back in the Parliament and Tony Windsor, the whole gang.

“It’s just chaos – that is the alternative.”

Mr Morrison said Mr Hartsuyker was “a really good local member” who deserved support in Cowper to be part of a stable government and “not part of the chaos that Rob Oakeshott would bring”.

“The best way to avoid that is to just vote for Luke,” he said.

“If Luke can get his primary vote to even closer to 50 or over 50 then obviously he will be elected.”

Mr Joyce said he’d always believed the election would be tight and was unsurprised Mr Windsor had chosen to stand against him at the election.

He warned that if anybody thought their vote or preference flow doesn’t count, “it does”.

“Not only could it determine the electorate it could determine…where the nation goes,” he said.

“I believe obviously the best place for the nation and the New England Electorate is with the National/Liberal party Coalition.”

Mr Joyce said at the start of the election campaign people had a form of “sentimentality” about their considerations, based on previous experiences.

But he said as the election continued on, voters were now becoming increasingly focussed on the electorate and nation’s future and potential outcomes.

“Further into the election people are more focussed on the future and making a decision about what is the best long term outcome for the seat of New England and who’s got the best capacity for the long-term, to provide the greatest delivery back to the electorate,” he said.

Trade Minister Steve Ciobo said the election was “a very tight race”.

“We’ve got to fight for every single vote,” he said.

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The Bendigo Junior Football League retained the Goldfields Challenge trophy on Saturday.

HEAVY CLASH: A Ballarat player and a Bendigo player collide in the under-12 game at Strathfieldsaye.

The BJFL and Ballarat split the six-match carnival at Strathfieldsaye with three wins each, but Bendigo retained the trophy because it was the defending champion.

ON THE LEAD: Bendigo under-14 forward Tanner Nally takes a mark.

The most one-sided result of the day was in the under-16.5 game where Ballarat won 9.11 (65) to 2.5 (17).

DETERMINED: Bendigo under-14 players line up for the national anthem before their match with Ballarat. Pictures: NONI HYETT

In the under-15s, Bendigo rallied from a 26-point deficit to win 10.10 (70) to 7.13 (55). Will Wallace, Za MacDonald and Jordan Power were best for the home side.

SPLIT PACK: Action from the under-12 game between Bendigo and Ballarat.

The Bendigo under-14s lost 9.9 (63) to 4.5 (29). Brodie James, Mitch Trewhella and Sam Conforti were Bendigo’s best.

Bendigo won a thrilling under-13 encounter by one point. Harvey Gallagher, Kai Lohmann and Dominic Bennington impressed in the 5.5 (35) to 4.10 (34) win.

UNDER THE PUMP: Bendigo and Ballarat battle for the ball in the under-12s.

Ryan Wilson, Nathan Tuddenham and Lachlan Spiteri were best for Bendigo under-12s in their 5.8 (38) to 3.4 (22) win.

Ballarat won the youth girls game 5.4 (34) to 3.2 (20). Jaime Sawers, Kodie Jacques and Tia Needs battled hard for Bendigo.

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A DOLLARsaved from the taxman is ours to keep forever, plus the earnings compounding from it in future years. So it’s well worth a little effort to find ways to reduce our tax or increase our refund. Arranging our affairs to legally reduce the tax payable is entirely legitimate.

Options are available for the self-employed, small business, employees and investors. There are now only days left in this financial year to act.Self-employed people and small business owners can claim tax deductions for superannuation contributions. The limits are $30,000 for those under age 50 and $35,000 for those 50 and over. This not only reduces tax but boosts retirement savings.

Small business owners can prepay rent, property expenses, loan interest, equipment and vehicle leases, IT service contracts and other genuine expenses for the next year. They will need to prepay again next year to remain in front but next year may not be as profitable.

TAXING DECISIONS: Who doesn’t want to save some money, especially when it comes to tax time? All it takes to legally reduce the payable tax is a little bit of planning. Photo: FILE PHOTO

Primary producers can defer income into Farm Management Deposits until a later year. This is only a deferral with the income having to be included in future tax returns, but future years may not be so good.

Business owners can spend up to $20,000, or $22,000 including GST, on plant, equipment, machinery and motor vehicles needed for their businesses and claim the deduction in full immediately.

There are also options suitable to many employees. Workers with income below $35,454 who contribute $1000 to their super fund without a tax deduction will earn a $500 contribution from the Government into their fund. If their income is up to $50,454 they receive a part payment.

Employees who contribute to the super fund of a low income spouse can earn a rebate off their tax bill. The maximum tax rebate of $540 is available for a contribution of $3000 if the spouse’s income is below $10,800 per annum. Income up to $13,800 – part rebate paid.

All investors are entitled to tax deductions for prepaid investment expenses. These could include interest on loans taken to buy property, shares or managed funds. Prepayment of maintenance and other costs associated with investment properties would qualify.Investors with shares and funds who have sold some at a profit this year can sell others that are showing losses to offset the gains.

They can even buy them back later if they wish.People who have sold a property at a profit should speak to their advisers about options to reduce capital gains tax.Income protection insurance premiums are tax deductible.

Those who have policies must remember to claim deductions.They provide peace of mind in the event of accident or illness.

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THE Bathurst Bullet continues to be one ofthe remarkable success stories in our regionover recent years.

Thousands of people have made use of theBullet since the introduction of a return daily railservice to Sydney four years ago.

It was a brave move at the time by the O’FarrellGovernment to start the daily rail service after theprevious government had said for more than adecade that it was not viable.

But Rail Action Bathurst, led by John Hollis,put together a formidable campaign to ensure thedaily rail service became a reality and passengershave supported it in great numbers ever since.

The announcement on Monday that thestategovernment was contributing $700,000 to seal anew car park at the railway station is further proofof the service’s incredible success.

Commuters were left in limbo after vacant landat the station that served as a makeshift car parkwas fenced off to allow the soil to be tested forpossible contamination.

Other parking spaces at the station filledquickly each day and unlucky motorists werepushed out on the street to try their luck – hardlyan ideal situation.

It has taken some time, but now we are finallygoing to see a real solution to parking pressures atthe station.

Not surprisingly, Mr Hollis was celebratingMonday’s announcement and the wholecommunity should welcome any infrastructureupgrades at the railway station precinct.

Bathurst has a long, proud rail history datingback to former prime minister Ben Chifley andbeyond.

For a long time it looked as though the goldendays of Bathurst rail were well behind us, but theBathurst Bullet has heralded an on-track revival.

And to think they said it couldn’t be done.

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PROUD: Students at Maryborough Education Centre celebrate favourite son Matthew Dellavedova’s NBA championship win with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Picture: GLENN DANIELSMARYBOROUGH is revelling in a NBA championship win by favourite son Matthew Dellavedova.

As Delly’s Cleveland Cavaliers downed the Golden State Warriors in Monday’s game seven of the NBA finals, the eyes of thousands of locals were glued to TV screens in homes, work places, schools and watering holes across the central Victorian town.

Some were even granted the morning off work to watch the game, like Sally Neill, who is thepresident of the Maryborough District Association and a customer service officer at the Maryborough Sport and Leisure Centre.

The centre is home to the stadium that has boreDellavedova’s name since last year and where the Australian Boomers guard’sbasketball career started.

Neill said while the hype accompanying the point guard’s NBA finals appearance had not quite reached the fever pitch it hadlast year when the Cavs were beaten by the Warriors, the whole town had still been united behind their hero.

She said that could be attributedto Delly having a less prominent on-court role than he had last year, when injuries sidelined some of Cleveland’s stars, including Melbourne-born guard Kyrie Irving.

“But we don’t care about that, he’s still a champion to us,” Neill said.

“It would be great to see him top it off with an Olympic medal.”

While Dellavedova’s hard-nosed style has drawn criticism in the past from some NBA coaches and commentators, Neill was having none of that on Monday.

She praised Delly as a “great role model, a gentleman and all-round good bloke”.

It was a view shared across town by staff at the Maryborough Education Centre, where Dellavedova’smum Leanne is a teacher and his aunt Nicole Fenton is librarian.

His cousin Mitchell Fenton is also on placement at the school as an education support officer.

Principal David Sutton said the school had been struck by “Delly-fever” two years running, with students following Monday’s game

“We’ve been really proud of him and his achievements,” he said.

“When you have known Matthew since he was an infant, which I have and seen him progress into the young person he is, he’s an outstanding young man and very, very humble.

“Every time he comes back to Maryborough he comes back to the school and runs clinic for the kids at the basketball association.

“He is always right on the message about hard work and putting in and being a good person.”

Dellavedova was a student at the centre, formerly Maryborough Regional College, until year 10 beforeleaving for the AIS on a scholarship.

Sutton said it was an exceptional story for someone from Maryborough to make it all the way to the NBA finals.

“But in a way when you know himit’s notthat (exceptional), he’s just overcome every hurdle along the way,” he said.

“I imagine he’ll have an outstanding career as a basketball coach, which is what I would see him possibly doing.

“He’s a deep thinker and a clever bloke.”

Sutton jokedif it was his call he’d declare a school holiday to celebrate his achievement.

“That’s beyond my power, but if the trophy makes it way back here, which we hope it does, there’ll be big celebrations.Not just at Maryborough Education Centre but they’ll be right across the town,” he said.

Central Goldfields Shire CEO Mark Johnston – a family friends of the Dellavedova’s – said Mathew’s achievement was a lesson in “persistence and attitude”.

“Everyone who knows him obviously knows he is a terrific basketballer, but more importantly he’s a quality person to go with it,” he said.

“He’s been a great ambassador for us, he’s put Maryborough on the world stage in a way we couldn’t otherwise have achieved.

“I think everyone in town would have had an interest and followed him very, very closely.”

Johnston said council would likely consider further civic recognition of Dellavedova, who is just the sixth Australian to win an NBA championship ring.

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A fine time to discuss parking: The availability of parking in and around Wollongong is being discussed after a busy day of events on Saturday when Disney on Ice and the Dragons were in town. Picture: Robert Peet.

Talk about the number ofparking fines issued in Wollongong on Saturday when Disney on Ice andthe Dragons were on hasagain raised the issue of what can be done.

While noone condones parking illegally many want to see more parking available.

WIN Sports and Entertainment Centre manager Stuart Barnes said there were 9000 people at Disney On Ice during the day and 7000 at the Dragons on Saturday night.Mr Barnes said there had beenmore in the precinct before butpeople wanted to park closer because of rain.

“The rangers are out at every event and..we warn people to park legally.We can’t condone people who parkillegally, especially over people’s driveways,or parkin a dangerous fashion. That iswhat rangers get upset about.”

But Mr Barnes isaware of calls for more parking and said some of thatmay be addressed with the convention centre project. It has not been funded but amulti-storey car parkof more than 300 spaces on Stewart Street eastispart ofthe proposal. The present car park accommodates 140 cars.

Councillor Leigh Colacino was attending an event on Monday looking at the best ways to activate a city.He said after five years hardwork Wollongongwasseen as doing that well.But itmeansthere aremore people in the citywhich is why he put aproposal about parking to council recently.

“We are performing very well because of our night time economy.We are looking at the result of all these years of hard work and parking is the other element we have to..get right.”

Cr Colacino said now more people aregoing into thecity“we have to make sure we manage it in a way that is as pleasurable to those people as we can get it”.The proposal he put to council recently was that there were parking areas that have curfewsthat may provide opportunities.

“There is no rhyme of reason to having a car parking area if we don’t allow cars to park in it. Ihave asked for there to be a review of the North Beach parking area. Thatis underway.As toother opportunities in our city for parking..we have got to realise just how quickly our city has changed. Things have to be reviewed right now because if people are beingfined for going to a function..we have to look at that. We are attracting events to our city. So how can we make it a more pleasurable experience for the whole family?”

Cr Colacino said that didn’texcuse people for parking inappropriately, such as in no standing zones or disabled parking areas.He is looking at how to makemore safe parkingavailable.

“We as a city have to address that.We are already looking at it. I have already brought it to the attention of other councillors and staff. And I have asked why do we have parking areas that are shut?That makes no sense to me at all.”

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Bail granted

Unemployed for two months,Kate Cecelia Powers should have been starting her new job as a dental assistant on Monday.

Instead, she found herself fronting Wollongong Local Court onserious gun supply allegations.

Police claimPowers andher partner of eight months, Adam Goodacre,wereinvolved in the attempted sale of a series of rifles stolen from a secured locker at Dapto home earlier this month.

The licensed owner of the firearmswoke on the morning of June 7 to discover the gun safe in his garage open and eight of his 12 riflesmissing.

Three days later police received information that Powers and Goodacre may have the guns, prompting officers to tap the pairs’phones.

Police will allege intercepted conversations between the lovers led them toestablish that Goodacre had the weapons and was “willing and able” to supply them to the highest bidder, with he and Powers both taking part in negotiations with multiple potential buyers.

It was eventually arranged for five of the eight rifles to be sold to a male for $8,000, court documents said.

Goodacre agreed to meet the buyerat Mullet Creek on June 14 to make the exchange.

Police arrived at the location around 10.30pm to see Goodacre sitting in the front seat of a Holden Commodore.

He allegedly tried to flee when he saw the police car, ramming it with his own vehicle before running offacross park land.

Hewas arrested in nearby busha short time later, with police allegedly locating five rifles in the car boot.

Powers was arrested Saturday and charged with one count of supplying a firearm.

The court heard she had a limited criminal record and had been due to start a new job in a dental surgery on Monday morning after being out of work for two months.

Magistrate Christopher McRobert granted Powersbail on the condition that she report to police three times a week. He also imposed a $500 surety.

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NUMBERS GAME: A University of Tasmania study found deer numbers could shoot to more than 1 million by 2050.Meander Valley Council has made a submission to the Legislative Council about the growing population of wild fallow deer, amid growing concernsthe animal could poseasafetythreat tothe municipality.

A submission seeking changes to the animal’s protected statuswas unanimouslypassed at this month’s council meeting, with councillor Tanya King citing motor accidents and property damage as anincreasing problem.

CrKing said she had been made aware of four recent motor vehicleincidents involving deer.

“I have been approached by several members of the community who are suitably qualified, and are very concerned about the observed rise in numbers, and the increased numbers of sightings, fence and crop damage, and incidence of deer on our roads,” Cr King said.

“They’re becoming an increasing problem and they don’t just live up in the mountains anymore, we’ve got a colony right here in Westbury who graze in the cemetery every night.”

Despite being an introduced species, the animal currently enjoys a protected status in Tasmania.

Hunters are limitedto two deer per season, one of which must beantlerless, and can only hunt one one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset.

Dogs or spotlights cannot be used in a hunt.

In 2015, a University of Tasmania report found the state’s deer population could skyrocket from 40,000 to more than 1 million by 2050 under the current legislation.

“A farmer or a road user who has an animal that’s creating a problem or a nuisance can’t do anything about it unless they have a permit to take deer or a crop protection permit,and because they’re introduced they have no natural predator apart from us and we’ve got one hand tied behind our back.

“The numbers continue to grow and we’re noticing that they’re in Westbury, sometimes you see them on the the Bass Highway around Prospect and Hadspen there -one of our councillors saw one at Blackstone Heights recently and near Bunnings.”

Council have called for residents to report any sightings or encounters with wild fallow deer on roads in the municipality.

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SAM Taylor’s lead in the Group 4 Best and Fairest evaporated when the rain came to dampen Group 4’s sixth round of Cup play.

West Lions playmaker Sam Taylor leads the Group 4 Best and Fairest. Here he offloads before Armidale centre Aaron Morris (3), who polled the two points on Sunday, and a teammate can shut him down. West star Chris Hunt, who received the three points, is looking over Taylor’s shoulder. Photo: Geoff O’Neill 190616GOF02

The West playmaker had been threatening to run away with the award but, while his club won 56-16 against Armidale Rams and he scored two tries and kicked five goals, he didn’t figure in the referee’s points.

That went to Chris Hunt, who scored four tries and enabled Hunt to move within a point of his Lions teammate on the B&F table.

He was joined there by North Tamworth’s versatile utility playmaker Scott Blanch, who bagged the three points in his side’s 14-6 win over Narrabri.

Blanch and Hunt share second spot on the table, a point behind Taylor and Gunnedah’s Callum Hayne, who polled a point in Gunnedah’s golden-point 32-28 win over Oxley Diggers at Kitchener Park on Sunday.

Gunnedah captain-coach Trent Hilton picked up the three points in that game to sit in equal fifth with teammate Hayden Smith, Oxley Diggers captain coach Tim Coombes and Narrabri’s Nathan Harvey, who also polled two points in Sunday’s eight-point loss to NorthTamworth.

Hilton was surprised he polled the three points in his side’s extra-time win that has left him on five points and just two adrift of his Bulldog halfback Hayne and Taylor.

“That was pretty lucky,” he said.

“I thought Danny Read had a real big game for us.

“He’s a no nonsense forward who does a lot of hard work for us in defence.

“It was pretty surprising really.”

He also thought the Bulldog five-eighth Hayden Smith also excelled and that earned him the players’ player award.

Hooker Dylan Smith is another who deserved plenty of wraps.

“He keeps going all day, does a lot of work and is great out of dummy half,” Hilton said.

That Hayne sits atop the Best and Fairest table with Taylor is a reward for the hard work and tenacious performances he has produced since moving back from the Bears to his home town.

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‘Bye to bye

IT israrefor a rugby league match to be cancelled due to rain but that was the case in Group 11 on Sunday when Nyngan’s fixture with Dubbo CYMS was abandoned.

The rain gave the Bogan Shire Council no option but to closeLarkin Ovalto not only protect the playing surface, butthe players’ safety.

The match between the CYMS and the Tigers will now be rescheduled, most likely to theJuly 16 weekend.

Neither Group 11 secretary Ross McDermott or CYMS president Kevin Walkom were critical of the decision but both are now left to work alongside the Tigers to come up with a new date for the match.

“I know they were umming and ahing about it out there but the Nyngan boys rang me at around six-thirty this morning,” McDermott said on Sunday.

“Council looked at it and they have the final call and they had no option but to close the ground.

“We’ve basically said to Nyngan and CYMS they can organise an alternate date.”

The July 16 weekend isa general bye for all clubs, allowing them to run social and/or fundraising events.

Walkom confirmed CYMS have a club function set down for the 16th.

In years gone by, cancelled matcheswere often replayed during the week, butalmost everyone involved with both clubs havework commitments.

CYMS remain two points clear at the top of the ladder.

McDermott confirmed the matchmust go ahead and if the clubs can’t come to an agreement then he and Group 11 president Derrick Hoe wouldintervene.

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