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EATEN: Yvonne Church holds the white ant nest and a long-neck beer bottle, found beneath the rotted floor boards inside the former Scots Presbyterian Church.HISTORY was literally being slowly eaten away at the Cohuna Museum, in what pest controllers described as the biggest termite invasion they had ever seen.

Cohuna and District Historical Society members stumbled across the termite assault in February when they investigated a stench inside the former Scots Presbyterian Church, which the society purchased in 1982 to display exhibits, special displays and memorabilia of the district.

“Almost the entire flooring had to be ripped up and laid back down, with the identical timber, but what surprised us was the discovery of two long-neck glass beer bottles, found beneath the flooring,” member, Yvonne Church said.

A large mass of the termites, also known as white ants, nest and the bottles will likely form part of a new display.

“We are very pleased as the builder was careful in removing the floor and is now replacing most of the same boards,” Ms Church said.

“We were also lucky to source extra flooring from a restorer in Geelong. The timber on the floor is called Rimu, which was imported from New Zealand in the early 1920s and is now no longer available. It was one of country’s best known native species.”

A small band of volunteers removed all the items from inside the church into boxes and then into an on-site shipping container.

“We usually get bursts of visitors and the occasional bus load, but we have had to close the museum to visitors due to safety concerns before the works began,” Ms Church said.

The last of the flooring repairs were completed last week, with the inside to be repainted before the items are moved back into their new home.

“The white ants totally ate one of the display cases … all that was left of the case was the metal frame on the door,” Ms Church said.

The Cohuna Men’s Shed joined forces and rebuilt one of the display cabinets.

Termites are eusocial insects and mostly feed on dead plant material and cellulose, generally in the form of wood, leaf litter, soil, or animal dung.

The Scots Presbyterian Church in Cohuna was opened in December 1922, and held its last service in 1973 before merging with the Methodist Church of Australasia and Congregational Union of Australia to from the Uniting Church in Australia.

Ms Church doesn’t expect the Sampson Street museum to re-open before the end of the year.

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CHEAP loans for some Victorian dairy farmers have been made available three weeks after the Federal Government announced a support package, but some believe it’s a “far cry from what farmers deserve”.

While the $30 million Dairy Recovery Concessional Loans, through Rural Finance, were announced late last month, the final draft loan agreement and guidelines were only provided to Victoria last week.

But, Victorian Minister for Agriculture, Jaala Pulford said it is likely the $30 million funding pool will provide support to only 70 of Victoria’s 4300 dairy farms.

The loans of up to $200,000 will be offered at 2.7 per cent interest, over 10 years.

Under the arrangements, only farmers supplying Murray Goulburn and Fonterra during the 2015/16 milk season will be able to access the loans scheme.

Ms Pulford has sought changes to eligibility requirements to enable suppliers of other processors to access the scheme.

Changes have also been sought to ensure share farmers and young farmers can access loan arrangements.

“This means one in five Victorian dairy farmers will be ineligible – even though the expected lower opening price for the next year will impact those supplying all processors,” Ms Pulford said.

“The loan scheme may also disadvantage share farmers, who are usually younger farmers and may not meet the credit requirements for these types of loans.

“The Coalition needs to explain why it has removed the financial hardship test for the Dairy Recovery Concessional Loans, which prioritises loans towards those who are in greatest financial need.”

Ms Pulford said the Federal Government should reconsider the interest rate they are offering, to 1.6 per cent.

Federal Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce suggested that the Victorian Government was playing politics with the issue, referring to Ms Pulford’s requests as “a crude politicisation of dairy assistance”.

“We are doing all we can to listen and consult closely with farmers to get them back on their feet,” Ms Pulford said.

“This is about getting the best deal we can for Victorian dairy farmers so our farmers can access all the support they need.”

Mead dairy farmer, Dianne Bowles, who started the Show Some #dairylove Facebook page shortly after the farm gate milk price drop was announced, welcomed the funding commitment, but said farmers need to work out their cost of production per cow before taking on more debt.

“For some it might be better to wind back for a short time, however, we need to get good, informed advice,” she said.

The $55 million concessional loans, available until October 31, have also been offered to New South Wales ($10 million), Tasmania ($10 million) and South Australia ($5 million).

The Federal Government has not provided advice on future allocations of the $550 million concessional loans package.

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Good things are currently afoot in our community, the first of which is the repair at last of Nowendoc Road.Secondly,it is time for the bulky waste clean-up by council so place your rubbish on the footpath for collection on June 24-27. Thirdly, we have been getting tank-filling showers which is handy for most of us.

Unfortunately, the rain has deferred the sealing of the roads resulting in muddy stretches where the crews recently spent hours levelling and filling.It would be great if the rain holds of enough for the roadworks to continue andthe bulky rubbish to be collected. The place will be an unholy mess if things don’t sort themselves out very soon. Crews are also working on Gloucester Road again. This, along with work within the township, means delays, so be sure to allow extra time for your trips to Wingham and beyond for a while.

On June 14, the Mount George Red Cross Club annual winter lunch to raise funds for the Red Cross winter appeal was a lovelyday. Friends from Tinonee branch joined andhave supported us well for many years. Members are advised their fees are due now so please contact Lorraine Gibson for more information.

On June 25, the usual community markets are at the School of Arts Hall. Mid North Coast Country Music Association will provide music and there will be a $5 entry fee and raffles to assist with fundraising. Food and drink will be available. For details contact Christine Dufty on 0417 169 943.

You can have a family paver placed in the walkway from the front gate of the school as part of the centenary celebrations to mark 100 years since it was moved to its current site. Pavers are $20 and will be a lasting memory for your family, even if you didn’t go to school here. Orders must in before Friday, July 1.There is a fun day on September 3 in conjunction with the unveiling of the memorial path. This Back to Mount George Day will include a billy cart derby and other events in addition to the markets.

Happy birthday for last week to LindaHay, Denis Taylor and Julie Stringer.

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BROKEN PROMISESMalcolm Turnbull’s recent assurance “the LNP will never privatise Medibank” sounds similar to Tony Abbott’s assurances of no cuts to pensions, no interference to bulk billing, no cuts to the ABC, no cuts to education, or health spending etcetc.

It also should serve to remind voters of Malcolm Turnbull’s “newest best buddy”, John Howard’s momentous assurance of, “never ever, will the LNP introduce a GST”.

Barry Swan, Balgownie

SPREADING THE LOVE?Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says Sheikh Shady Al-Suleiman’s views on gay people are unacceptable and wrong.

I wonder when he will be telling LNP members like Cory Bernardi and George Christensen the same message – that their homophobia and hate are unacceptable in a modern society?

Will he be refusing to meet with the members of his own party who spread messages of intolerance and fear?

Doug Steley, Heyfield

PUBLIC WANT VOTEA new study by the Centre for Governance and Public Policy at Griffith University found 70 per cent of voters believe the people should vote on the issue of same sex-marriageand only 19 per cent believe it should be decided by parliament.

Of more interest was that “the survey showed 72.7 per cent of Labor supporters backed a people’s vote on same-sex marriage, with only 23.4 per cent favouring Bill Shorten’s [Labor’s] position to have a vote by MPs”.

“Gay marriage for us to decide, politicians told” (The Australian, June 16).

Is Bill Shorten listening?


Bob Patrech, Figtree

TRUTH IN ADVERTISINGI am amazed that current electioneering pamphlets contain images of candidates looking as young as when they first sought office some years ago.

Is this a result of:the job being relatively stress free; the healthy food and wine selections in the Parliament dining room; Botox; or is it because, like past numerous unfulfilled promises, there is no funding available to update candidates personal photos?

Reminds one of the saying: “There is no truth in advertising!”.

Eric Davies, Keiraville

TERRORISM IS TERRORISMIf the murderer of the British MP had been name Tajic Mairjani and not Tommy Mair the goose stepping ideologues would be screaming for all Muslims to behunted down and placed in concentration camps.

After all this would be proof that they are all terrorists and we should protect ourselves from their hate.

However, because the perpetrator is an old white man, this cannot be terrorism even if, which at the time of writing is yet to be established, hismotivation was political.

The hate mongers, shock jocks and bogans skulking behind the Australian flag would never use the ‘T’ word in such circumstances because it doesn’t fit thehysterical, ignorant mantra they have established and the so called average Aussie has allowed to be perpetuated over the last fifteen years.

If the murder of a politician is terrorism then it should be called such whomever is the perpetrator.Hypocrisy reigns.

Andrew Sefton, Thirroul

Letters on election issues must bear the name and full address of the writer(s). Responsibility for election comment in this issue is accepted by Fairfax Illawarra and South East NSW group managing editor Kim Treasure, 77 Market St, Wollongong.Writers should disclose any alliance with political or community organisations and include their telephone number for verification. Election candidates should declare themselves as such when submitting letters.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on 苏州美甲美睫培训学校.

Round 11: (all 2.30pm) Saturday: Jaffas v Broadmeadow. Sunday: Adamstown v Hamilton, Maitland v Valentine, Charlestown v Jets Youth, Weston v Edgeworth.EDGEWORTH and Lambton Jaffas hope to host their round of 32 FFA Cup games if drawn first against other member federation clubs.

The NPL clubs qualified on Sunday for the first nationwide round of the knockoutwhich will be held midweek between July 26 and August 10. Fox Sports will broadcast the draw live on June 30 from 3pm.

Under the draw format, four state league-level clubs will play A-League clubs. The remaining six A-League teams will be drawn against each other.

Edgeworth drew Melbourne City last year and held the televised game at Broadmeadow’sMagic Park, which has the required 400 lux of lighting.If the Eagles or Jaffas host an A-League club or a featured televised game,the matches will be held at Magic Park, which is likely to again cater for the Jets’ game.However, Edgeworth and Jaffas are keen to host other potentialmatch-ups at their grounds, Jack McLaughlan Oval and Edden Oval, but FFA Cup venuesmust have at least 200 lux of lighting.

** A who’s who of Hunter football will swap stories at the Duke of Wellington Hotel on July 29 for a great cause.

TheHunter Men Of Football, whichraises funds for those doing it tough in the football community,is holding a reunion to celebrate the region’s Socceroos.RonGiles,Col Curran,Jack O’Brien,Graham Jennings,Peter Tredinnick,David Lowe,Joe Senkalski,Clayton Zane,Ray Baartz andJohn Doyle are confirmed starters for the 5.30pm function. A signed Jets 2008 grand final shirt is among auction items.

Tickets are $100 ($90 for members) and includefood and drinks. Call Brad Robbfor moreon 0401 020 716.