Pound dogs need love

Cate Hardy, a self-confessed “serial adopter” of pets, wants everyone to think about adopting a dog from the pound.
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BEST MATES: Cate Hardy and Bea, the rescue dog who’s undergone a stunning transformation after a week of love and care. Picture: Supplied.

“If I could talk everyone into seeing past the pound and the dirty hair more people would adopt, I’m sure,” Ms Hardy said.

Last week she picked up ‘Bea’, a silky terrier cross, from Griffith pound. It was only supposed to be short term ‘foster care’, but Bea had quickly become part of the family.

“When I saw her I knew she’d belong with us,” Ms Hardy said.

“You see these dogs and you know they deserve love and I just can’t bear the thought of what might happen to them.”

Bea is the third rescue dog the family has taken in.

The Hardys adopted their first dog years ago when they were searching for a lost dog.

Ms Hardy said they went into a pound and her daughter saw an abandoned dog called Gizmo and asked if they could take it home.

“He was already house trained and had manners,” Ms Hardy said.

“Thejoy of seeing him light up after being so scared is amazing.

“That’s why you do it, in no time they know you want them there and they love you for it.”

Shireen Donaldson from Griffith City Council saidtheir Griffith City Council Animal Handling Facility Facebook page, where Bea had been listed, hadbeen very popular.

BEFORE: Bea at the pound.

“It’sa good way to spread the message about what animals are available at the pound as the page gets shared many times,” she said.

“Rescue work is always going on behind the scenes, but for those people who are looking to adopt, this is an easy way to see what is at the pound.

“From there, people can make an appointment with the compliance officers to meet the animal they are interested in and maybe progress to adoption.

“It might be a bit of a cliche, but rescued animals always seem to ‘know’they have been saved and make wonderful pets.”

Adoption from the pound is free, aside from microchipping and registration fees, whichcan be further reduced if the dog is desexed.

Ms Donaldson said council’snew pound was also under construction, the floor slab has beenlaid and wall panels should be raised by the end of June depending on weather.

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League washout

It is a rare thing for a rugby league match to be cancelled due to rain but that was the case in Group 11 on Sunday when Nyngan’s fixture with Dubbo CYMS was abandoned.
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The recent rain around the region gave the Bogan Shire Council no option but to close the sodden Larkin Oval in order to not only protect the playing surface, but also the players’ safety.

The match between the competition leading CYMS and the Tigers will now be rescheduled, most likely to the weekend of July 16.

Neither Group 11 secretary Ross McDermott or CYMS president Kevin Walkom were critical of the decision but both are now left to work alongside the Tigers to come up with a new date for the match.

“I know they were umming and aahhing about it out there but the Nyngan boys rang me at around six-thirty this morning,” McDermott said on Sunday.

“Council looked at it and they have the final call. They had no option but to close the ground.

“We’ve now said to Nyngan and CYMS they can organise an alternate date.”

The weekend of July 16 is scheduled to be a general bye for all clubs, allowing them to run social and/or fundraising events.

Walkom confirmed CYMS have a club function set down for the 16th and added he could scarcely remember a Group 11 match being washed out.

“In my tenure I think there’s only ever been one, and that was on a Friday night during the floods and I can only remember that vaguely,” he said.

“Of course it’s disappointing and as we said the boys had a good four weeks of competition coming up at the right time so they were all ready to go out and have a good day.

“And it was Nyngan’s home game so it affects them too, they’d prepared to play as well.”

While it’s not ideal for the Fishies for the match to go ahead on the weekend of the general bye, Walkom admitted it looks like there are few other alternatives.

In years gone by matches cancelled for various reasons were often replayed during the week, but that appears to have very little chance of happening in this situation due to almost everyone involved with both clubs having work commitments.

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Excellence in Innovation for Truckie Gear

DOING COOTAMUNDRA PROUD: Truckie Gear co-founder Simon Sutherland with Excellence in Innovation Award sponsor Heath Harrison of the Cootamundra Herald and NSW Business Chamber solutions execultive Sue Mills. Picture: Jennette LeesSomething as simple as a well-packed bag can make the world of difference when on the road for truck drivers, or in fact any business traveller.
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Identifying a gap in the market in 2013, Truckie Gear was born by local man Simon Sutherland and former local Anthony Wells.

At Saturday night’s Cootamundra Development Corporation Business Awards, the business partners and theirassociated products were recognised with the 2016 Excellence in Innovation Award.

This award is aligned with the NSW Business Chamber Regional Awards and Mr Sutherland and/or Mr Wells will now go on to represent themselves, Truckie Gear and the Cootamundra community at a gala event in Albury.

The concept behind the business is simple. Quality products purpose made.

Truckie Gear’s flagship product the Truckie Bag came about when Mr Sutherland and Mr Wells realised transport operators often rely on a travel bagto complete their work week, yet there was no specific product on the market for these frequent travellers.

There are 540,000 people in Australia who hold a heavy vehicle licence. This represents a substantial market and Mr Sutherland and Mr Wells saw a way of better servicing this market.

The Truckie Bag features compartments for a national heavy vehicle driver work diary, separate section for wet clothes, section for two pairs of shoes, security/business card holders and a padded section for a laptop/tablet device.

The end design came from two years of research and development and feedback from customers, trucking across Australia as you read this, speaks for itself.

“Finally a work bag that will hold everything comfortably, whether doing interstate or local runs,” wrote one review on social media.

Mr Sutherland was proud to accept the Excellence in Innovation Award telling the room of gathered small business people just like himself he and Mr Wells are starting to see the business kick some goals.

The duo have known each other for a lifetime, having gone to kindergarten together, and now in business together and going from strength to strength putting Cootamundra on the map.

He thanked wife Gemma for her ongoing support.

“She has heard me come into the kitchen on many occasions and say ‘I’ve got the perfect idea’,” Mr Sutherland said.

This idea has certainly put Cootamundra on the map and as the business continuesto grow and new products are put intodevelopment, Truckie Gear is entrenching itself into the market and showing what is possible when launching a business from regional Australia.

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Uncapped wine pleas

PLEASE LISTEN: Orange vignerons and winemakers Damian Shaw (front), James Robson, Ben Crossing, Tom Ward and Jim Swift are urging the government to listen to their concerns. Photo: STEVE GOSCH 0620producersCHANGES to thewine equalisation tax (WET) could have grave consequences for many of Orange’s wine producers.
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Along with the Wine Federation of Australia, Orange producers want the government to retain the $500,000 WET rebate cap and not reduce it to $290,000and also bring forward from July 2019 to July 2017 changes to exclude bulk and unbranded wine from the rebate.

Jim Swift of Printhie Wines fearswine makers could buckle under the burden of the Federal government’s taxation plan.

“This plan not only has the potential to impact heavily on our vignerons, there will be a flow-on effect through the communitybecause Orange is promoted as a wine destination,” Mr Swift said.

He said the changes announced by the government in May to reduce the cap on earnings is a flawed process which will benefit major industry players.

“I just don’t think the government has received the right information about the impact on regional producers Australia-wide before they went ahead with these changes,” said fellow producer Ben Crossing of Angullong Vineyard.

Mr Swift said another disparity of concern is under current legislationNew Zealand producers are allowed to claim a rebate from Australia for wine which is subsequently exported to Australia.

Producers told the Central Western Daily deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has had some preliminary discussions with wine producers and has told them there will be no changes to the WET tax until after the election next month.

“But we need government to sit down with us now, otherwise we are handing our industry over to corporate Australia,” Mr Swift said.

Mr Shaw said the Labor party has indicated its interest in a fairer deal for producers, with strong support also from South Australian senator Nick Xenophon.

“Unfortunately I have tried to organise a meeting with Mr Gee (The Nationals) to explain the full implications of the impact of these changes for producers in our area, but haven’t heard back,” Mr Swift said.

“The same thing has happened with Minister for Regional DevelopmentFiona Nash as we haven’t had any success in securing a meeting with her.”

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Delly-fever grips Maryborough Video

PROUD: Students at Maryborough Education Centre celebrate favourite son Matthew Dellavedova’s NBA championship win with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Picture: GLENN DANIELSMARYBOROUGH is revelling in a NBA championship win by favourite son Matthew Dellavedova.
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As Delly’s Cleveland Cavaliers downed the Golden State Warriors in Monday’s game seven of the NBA finals, the eyes of thousands of locals were glued to TV screens in homes, work places, schools and watering holes across the central Victorian town.

Some were even granted the morning off work to watch the game, like Sally Neill, who is thepresident of the Maryborough District Association and a customer service officer at the Maryborough Sport and Leisure Centre.

The centre is home to the stadium that has boreDellavedova’s name since last year and where the Australian Boomers guard’sbasketball career started.

Neill said while the hype accompanying the point guard’s NBA finals appearance had not quite reached the fever pitch it hadlast year when the Cavs were beaten by the Warriors, the whole town had still been united behind their hero.

She said that could be attributedto Delly having a less prominent on-court role than he had last year, when injuries sidelined some of Cleveland’s stars, including Melbourne-born guard Kyrie Irving.

“But we don’t care about that, he’s still a champion to us,” Neill said.

“It would be great to see him top it off with an Olympic medal.”

While Dellavedova’s hard-nosed style has drawn criticism in the past from some NBA coaches and commentators, Neill was having none of that on Monday.

She praised Delly as a “great role model, a gentleman and all-round good bloke”.

It was a view shared across town by staff at the Maryborough Education Centre, where Dellavedova’smum Leanne is a teacher and his aunt Nicole Fenton is librarian.

His cousin Mitchell Fenton is also on placement at the school as an education support officer.

Principal David Sutton said the school had been struck by “Delly-fever” two years running, with students following Monday’s game

“We’ve been really proud of him and his achievements,” he said.

“When you have known Matthew since he was an infant, which I have and seen him progress into the young person he is, he’s an outstanding young man and very, very humble.

“Every time he comes back to Maryborough he comes back to the school and runs clinic for the kids at the basketball association.

“He is always right on the message about hard work and putting in and being a good person.”

Dellavedova was a student at the centre, formerly Maryborough Regional College, until year 10 beforeleaving for the AIS on a scholarship.

Sutton said it was an exceptional story for someone from Maryborough to make it all the way to the NBA finals.

“But in a way when you know himit’s notthat (exceptional), he’s just overcome every hurdle along the way,” he said.

“I imagine he’ll have an outstanding career as a basketball coach, which is what I would see him possibly doing.

“He’s a deep thinker and a clever bloke.”

Sutton jokedif it was his call he’d declare a school holiday to celebrate his achievement.

“That’s beyond my power, but if the trophy makes it way back here, which we hope it does, there’ll be big celebrations.Not just at Maryborough Education Centre but they’ll be right across the town,” he said.

Central Goldfields Shire CEO Mark Johnston – a family friends of the Dellavedova’s – said Mathew’s achievement was a lesson in “persistence and attitude”.

“Everyone who knows him obviously knows he is a terrific basketballer, but more importantly he’s a quality person to go with it,” he said.

“He’s been a great ambassador for us, he’s put Maryborough on the world stage in a way we couldn’t otherwise have achieved.

“I think everyone in town would have had an interest and followed him very, very closely.”

Johnston said council would likely consider further civic recognition of Dellavedova, who is just the sixth Australian to win an NBA championship ring.

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Parking talk of town after a busy weekend

A fine time to discuss parking: The availability of parking in and around Wollongong is being discussed after a busy day of events on Saturday when Disney on Ice and the Dragons were in town. Picture: Robert Peet.
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Talk about the number ofparking fines issued in Wollongong on Saturday when Disney on Ice andthe Dragons were on hasagain raised the issue of what can be done.

While noone condones parking illegally many want to see more parking available.

WIN Sports and Entertainment Centre manager Stuart Barnes said there were 9000 people at Disney On Ice during the day and 7000 at the Dragons on Saturday night.Mr Barnes said there had beenmore in the precinct before butpeople wanted to park closer because of rain.

“The rangers are out at every event and..we warn people to park legally.We can’t condone people who parkillegally, especially over people’s driveways,or parkin a dangerous fashion. That iswhat rangers get upset about.”

But Mr Barnes isaware of calls for more parking and said some of thatmay be addressed with the convention centre project. It has not been funded but amulti-storey car parkof more than 300 spaces on Stewart Street eastispart ofthe proposal. The present car park accommodates 140 cars.

Councillor Leigh Colacino was attending an event on Monday looking at the best ways to activate a city.He said after five years hardwork Wollongongwasseen as doing that well.But itmeansthere aremore people in the citywhich is why he put aproposal about parking to council recently.

“We are performing very well because of our night time economy.We are looking at the result of all these years of hard work and parking is the other element we have to..get right.”

Cr Colacino said now more people aregoing into thecity“we have to make sure we manage it in a way that is as pleasurable to those people as we can get it”.The proposal he put to council recently was that there were parking areas that have curfewsthat may provide opportunities.

“There is no rhyme of reason to having a car parking area if we don’t allow cars to park in it. Ihave asked for there to be a review of the North Beach parking area. Thatis underway.As toother opportunities in our city for parking..we have got to realise just how quickly our city has changed. Things have to be reviewed right now because if people are beingfined for going to a function..we have to look at that. We are attracting events to our city. So how can we make it a more pleasurable experience for the whole family?”

Cr Colacino said that didn’texcuse people for parking inappropriately, such as in no standing zones or disabled parking areas.He is looking at how to makemore safe parkingavailable.

“We as a city have to address that.We are already looking at it. I have already brought it to the attention of other councillors and staff. And I have asked why do we have parking areas that are shut?That makes no sense to me at all.”

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Lovers accused of trying to sell stolen guns

Bail granted
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Unemployed for two months,Kate Cecelia Powers should have been starting her new job as a dental assistant on Monday.

Instead, she found herself fronting Wollongong Local Court onserious gun supply allegations.

Police claimPowers andher partner of eight months, Adam Goodacre,wereinvolved in the attempted sale of a series of rifles stolen from a secured locker at Dapto home earlier this month.

The licensed owner of the firearmswoke on the morning of June 7 to discover the gun safe in his garage open and eight of his 12 riflesmissing.

Three days later police received information that Powers and Goodacre may have the guns, prompting officers to tap the pairs’phones.

Police will allege intercepted conversations between the lovers led them toestablish that Goodacre had the weapons and was “willing and able” to supply them to the highest bidder, with he and Powers both taking part in negotiations with multiple potential buyers.

It was eventually arranged for five of the eight rifles to be sold to a male for $8,000, court documents said.

Goodacre agreed to meet the buyerat Mullet Creek on June 14 to make the exchange.

Police arrived at the location around 10.30pm to see Goodacre sitting in the front seat of a Holden Commodore.

He allegedly tried to flee when he saw the police car, ramming it with his own vehicle before running offacross park land.

Hewas arrested in nearby busha short time later, with police allegedly locating five rifles in the car boot.

Powers was arrested Saturday and charged with one count of supplying a firearm.

The court heard she had a limited criminal record and had been due to start a new job in a dental surgery on Monday morning after being out of work for two months.

Magistrate Christopher McRobert granted Powersbail on the condition that she report to police three times a week. He also imposed a $500 surety.

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Fallow deer a risk to safety

NUMBERS GAME: A University of Tasmania study found deer numbers could shoot to more than 1 million by 2050.Meander Valley Council has made a submission to the Legislative Council about the growing population of wild fallow deer, amid growing concernsthe animal could poseasafetythreat tothe municipality.
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A submission seeking changes to the animal’s protected statuswas unanimouslypassed at this month’s council meeting, with councillor Tanya King citing motor accidents and property damage as anincreasing problem.

CrKing said she had been made aware of four recent motor vehicleincidents involving deer.

“I have been approached by several members of the community who are suitably qualified, and are very concerned about the observed rise in numbers, and the increased numbers of sightings, fence and crop damage, and incidence of deer on our roads,” Cr King said.

“They’re becoming an increasing problem and they don’t just live up in the mountains anymore, we’ve got a colony right here in Westbury who graze in the cemetery every night.”

Despite being an introduced species, the animal currently enjoys a protected status in Tasmania.

Hunters are limitedto two deer per season, one of which must beantlerless, and can only hunt one one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset.

Dogs or spotlights cannot be used in a hunt.

In 2015, a University of Tasmania report found the state’s deer population could skyrocket from 40,000 to more than 1 million by 2050 under the current legislation.

“A farmer or a road user who has an animal that’s creating a problem or a nuisance can’t do anything about it unless they have a permit to take deer or a crop protection permit,and because they’re introduced they have no natural predator apart from us and we’ve got one hand tied behind our back.

“The numbers continue to grow and we’re noticing that they’re in Westbury, sometimes you see them on the the Bass Highway around Prospect and Hadspen there -one of our councillors saw one at Blackstone Heights recently and near Bunnings.”

Council have called for residents to report any sightings or encounters with wild fallow deer on roads in the municipality.

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Lion’s lead at top of B&F ladder vanishes on wet Sunday

SAM Taylor’s lead in the Group 4 Best and Fairest evaporated when the rain came to dampen Group 4’s sixth round of Cup play.
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West Lions playmaker Sam Taylor leads the Group 4 Best and Fairest. Here he offloads before Armidale centre Aaron Morris (3), who polled the two points on Sunday, and a teammate can shut him down. West star Chris Hunt, who received the three points, is looking over Taylor’s shoulder. Photo: Geoff O’Neill 190616GOF02

The West playmaker had been threatening to run away with the award but, while his club won 56-16 against Armidale Rams and he scored two tries and kicked five goals, he didn’t figure in the referee’s points.

That went to Chris Hunt, who scored four tries and enabled Hunt to move within a point of his Lions teammate on the B&F table.

He was joined there by North Tamworth’s versatile utility playmaker Scott Blanch, who bagged the three points in his side’s 14-6 win over Narrabri.

Blanch and Hunt share second spot on the table, a point behind Taylor and Gunnedah’s Callum Hayne, who polled a point in Gunnedah’s golden-point 32-28 win over Oxley Diggers at Kitchener Park on Sunday.

Gunnedah captain-coach Trent Hilton picked up the three points in that game to sit in equal fifth with teammate Hayden Smith, Oxley Diggers captain coach Tim Coombes and Narrabri’s Nathan Harvey, who also polled two points in Sunday’s eight-point loss to NorthTamworth.

Hilton was surprised he polled the three points in his side’s extra-time win that has left him on five points and just two adrift of his Bulldog halfback Hayne and Taylor.

“That was pretty lucky,” he said.

“I thought Danny Read had a real big game for us.

“He’s a no nonsense forward who does a lot of hard work for us in defence.

“It was pretty surprising really.”

He also thought the Bulldog five-eighth Hayden Smith also excelled and that earned him the players’ player award.

Hooker Dylan Smith is another who deserved plenty of wraps.

“He keeps going all day, does a lot of work and is great out of dummy half,” Hilton said.

That Hayne sits atop the Best and Fairest table with Taylor is a reward for the hard work and tenacious performances he has produced since moving back from the Bears to his home town.

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‘Bye to bye

IT israrefor a rugby league match to be cancelled due to rain but that was the case in Group 11 on Sunday when Nyngan’s fixture with Dubbo CYMS was abandoned.
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The rain gave the Bogan Shire Council no option but to closeLarkin Ovalto not only protect the playing surface, butthe players’ safety.

The match between the CYMS and the Tigers will now be rescheduled, most likely to theJuly 16 weekend.

Neither Group 11 secretary Ross McDermott or CYMS president Kevin Walkom were critical of the decision but both are now left to work alongside the Tigers to come up with a new date for the match.

“I know they were umming and ahing about it out there but the Nyngan boys rang me at around six-thirty this morning,” McDermott said on Sunday.

“Council looked at it and they have the final call and they had no option but to close the ground.

“We’ve basically said to Nyngan and CYMS they can organise an alternate date.”

The July 16 weekend isa general bye for all clubs, allowing them to run social and/or fundraising events.

Walkom confirmed CYMS have a club function set down for the 16th.

In years gone by, cancelled matcheswere often replayed during the week, butalmost everyone involved with both clubs havework commitments.

CYMS remain two points clear at the top of the ladder.

McDermott confirmed the matchmust go ahead and if the clubs can’t come to an agreement then he and Group 11 president Derrick Hoe wouldintervene.

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Aged care cash fight

Aged aid: Nick Xenophon and Luke Bolton meeting with residents at the RAAFWA’s Gordon Lodge. Photo: supplied.Both Nick Xenophon and the Greens have pledged to reverse funding cuts to the aged care sector before the federal election, with almost $2 billion potentially being planned to be cut from the sector by the government.
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Peak aged care bodies have expressed concern over the cuts since their announcement in the 2016 budget, which would affect the Aged Care Fund Instrument (ACFI) after expenditure from the program was higher than forecast over the 2015-2016 review.

Greens senator Rachel Siewert said the party would oppose legislation on aged care funding cuts in parliament, at least until a full review into the ACFI and the sector is carried out.

“In the last year the Coalition Government has taken an axe to the aged care sector, collectively cutting $1.6 billion in funding from aged care by cutting funding to ACFI,”Ms Siewert said.

“Many providers and aged care residents across the country have raised concerns with me about the impacts cuts through the Aged Care Funding Instrument will have.”

Ms Siewert said industry bodies had also raised concerns over alack of consultation and transparency undertaken.

“These concerns highlight the need for a full cost of care study, which the sector has long been calling for,” she said.

Nick Xenophon Team (NXT) West Australian Senate candidate Luke Bolton said he had met with both the Council of the Ageing (COTA) and Aged Community Services WA (ACSWA), who both shared the view cuts to the sector would place undue pressure on the already-strained public health care system.

“ACSWA have graveconcernsthecutswillplacemore of the needs for high-care recipients on to the public health system with unintended consequences, such as increasing delays in elective surgery and bed shortages,” he said.

“It coststhe federal government $200 per day to look after a high care needs elderly Australian in an aged care facility.It costs $1000 a day –fivetimes as much –to provide the same care in a hospital and that cost is paid for by State governments.”

Mr Bolton said NXT would reverse the planned cuts if voted to the senate.

“I will move an amendment to ensure there is a true consultative process followed with aged care providers and there is transparency about the outcomes,” he said.

Aged and Community Services Australia CEO John Kelly welcomed the NXT and Greens plans.

“The Senators understand that real reform is essential when we are talking about funding thecareand support of frail older Australians when they need it most, and a proper examination of how much it actually costs to delivercareis essential,” Professor Kelly said.

Frontrunning Tigers come a cropper at Quirindi

CHRIS Vidler inspired Quirindi to a big win over Manilla at home on Saturday, with the Grasshoppers blowing away the ladder leaders in the opening stanza of both halves for their best win of the Group 4 Second Division Plate season.
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Manilla’s Mitch Doring (left) and Neil Bonnett meet Quirindi’s Darren Nean on the line as the Grasshoppers pulled off a big win over the tabletopping Tigers on Saturday at home.Photo: Chris Bath 180616CBA11

The Hoppers flew out of the blocks and raced in three early tries for an 18-point lead early, although fell off the mark to let Manilla back in the game, going into the sheds up by just two points at 20-18.

Whatever the captain- coach said to the boys in the sheds at halftime worked, the home side controlling the ball and running riot through the Tigers defence to score six unanswered tries in the opening 25 minutes.

Shane Allan, Bruce Murray, Vidler, Justin Nean and Darren Nean all crossed as Manilla had no answers to stop the big men in the middle going forward before the Hoppers exposed them on the edges for points.

With eight minutes to go, Harlee Millgate finally hit back but it was all too late, as Andrew Cohen drove the final nail in to run out winners 58-24.

Co-coach, treasurer, strapper and runner Ben Allan said the result was a reflection of the hard yards the side had been putting in at training recently.

“We have got a good team together and they are training hard and putting it on the field,” Allan said.

“We held the ball and controlled the game.”

The Grasshoppers knew they couldn’t let the dangerous Tigers get out to a lead and were concentrating on starting both halves well and, with the visitors a few key players short, the Grasshoppers took full advantage in the first half before showing their fitness and composure to finish the job in the back end.

Evergreen lock and former Group 21 player of the year Chris Allan did a mountain of work and had plenty of ball, while bustling centre Bruce Murray constantly punched holes in the defence, although it was the captain-coach who did the most damage.

Last year’s Group 4 player of the year proved more than a handful for the Tigers defence, even having a stint in the centres late and showing a full skill set to put up a well-placed bomb in the second half.

“We have got a good mix of youth and experience and players like Vids (Vidler) and Chris Allen lead the way for the young blokes,” Allan said.

“That was a full effort today – everyone put in 100percent.”

“We can’t wait for a re-match against Walcha – they are the benchmark and we won the second half last time we played but let them get out to a lead.

“We have got to play Bingara first though and that should be a good, hard match.”

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Gun requirements coming

Highly regulated
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TASMANIA Police says furthergun ownership requirementswill be placed on residents when the Firearms Act amendmentscome into effect later this year.

Changes to the act were passed in Parliamentlast year after concerns were raised about Australian regulations being too tough on gun owners.

At the time,the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia had told the Senatenational laws had caused ‘‘financial and emotion upset’’ to firearm owners.

The amendments are the first to the Act since the Port Arthur Massacre 20 years, with claimed the life of 35 people and wounded 23.

Phase one of the amendments came into effect in November, with the other two phases still to come later this year.

Part of those amendments are a series of new gun ownership requirements that are currently being drafted by government.

Tasmania Police said on Friday that a new minimum storage requirement for gun owners with more than 10 firearms would be enforced as part of the new requirements.

But the organisationremains tightlipped about what else is in store for new and existing guns owners.

“Details of the new storage requirements are not contained within the amendment Act, butwill be contained in regulations, which are in the process of being drafted,” Assistant Commissioner Richard Cowling said.

“As the regulations are drafted we will communicate those storage changes well in advance to allow owners to make any required changes to ensure compliant storage.”

The new requirements come after a Right to Information documentlast week revealed that gun thefts in Tasmania had risen in recent financial years.

In 2013-14, 231 guns were stolen, compared to 258 last year.

But further police data suggests Tasmania Police could record fewer “firearmtheft incidents”this financial year compared to years previous.

According to policedata, 59 firearm theft incidents were reported between July 1, 2016 and March 31, 2016, compared to 82 in total last year and 65 the year before.

Of most interest to gun thieves last financial year wereshotguns, rifles and firearms listed as “other”, according to the RTI.

The most popular places to steal such weapons were houses and sheds, with garages ranking third as the biggest target of Tasmanian gun thieves.

Assistant Commissioner Cowling said measures were in place to ensuresecurity protocols were followed.

“Regular storage inspections are part of normal business and police will continue to undertake these.”

Police’s announcement comes following the launch of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia’s new website, billed as a one-stop-shop for firearms andaccessible to Tasmanians.

The sitehas caused a flap among anti-gun lobbyists.

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Page and the voters from ‘hippy heaven’

Janelle Saffin, Labor’s candidate for the seat of Page. Photo: James Brickwood Nationals member for Page Kevin Hogan visiting the Grafton Gem Club. Photo: James Brickwood
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Page is currently the site of Australia’s biggest infrastructure work – duplication of the Pacific Highway from Ballina south to Woolgoolga – and it has meant a lot of employment for the region. Photo: Tony Walters

Election 2016: news, analysis and videoTen seats that will determine the campaign: Bass, Corangamite, Petrie, Herbert, Grayndler

The influx of sea/tree-changers, surfers, hippies and new-agers over five decades into northern NSW sometimes counterbalance the rural mindset that once ruled and makes the seat of Page unpredictable.

Further clouding the outcome, the reappearance of that northern NSW hot button issue – coal seam gas – has developed into a big demarcation line between the two major party candidates.

The Nationals’ Kevin Hoganis an amiable, hard-working MP greatly assisted to victory in 2013 by the Julia Gillard/Kevin Rudd imbroglio.

Page Labor campaign workers remember not even bothering to unfurl posters bearing Rudd’s visage. Their task had also been made impossible courtesy of Rudd dudding his Labor colleague and then MP for Page, Janelle Saffin.

With Labor on the nose, Saffin, a seasoned politician, came out publicly against Gillard earlier in March 2013 only to see Rudd squib mounting a challenge, leaving her looking like a slightly silly shag on a rock.

She’d held Page since 2007 after 13 years in the NSW upper house, but suffered a massive 6.9 per cent drop in her primary vote to lose to Hogan by 3.1 per cent after preferences.

In the years since, she worked as a lawyer in Lismore and is recontesting Page. Depending on your point of view, Saffin’s candidacy, at 61, is testimony to her political will or the dearth of Labor talent in northern NSW.

In any case, a redistribution has improved Hogan’s chances of holding Page for the Nationals.

While the acquisition of the Lismore local government area in the north – including the hippy heaven of Nimbin – has helped Saffin, Hogan has acquired a bigger support block at the southern end thanks to retired voters of Woolgoolga and Coffs Harbour’s northern beach suburbs who tend to vote conservative.

The electorate was created 1984. Named for Earl Page, former Country Party leader and briefly Australia’s 11th prime minister, it was a Nationals fiefdom until Joh Bjelke-Petersen’s 1987 tilt for Canberra and its aftermath wrecked the party’s credibility and it passed to Labor in 1990. It has become a bellwether seat since, won at every election by the party that formed government.

Six candidates are contesting Page on July 2.

Hogan grew up in rural South Australia and worked as a bond trader in Sydney, becoming a familiar face to the finance crowd daily delivering financial market updates on Sky News. He moved north at the turn of the century and taught at St Mary’s Catholic College before setting up a superannuation business. He tried politics as a sideline, standing unsuccessfully against Saffin in 2010.

Hogan says hip pocket issues are the issues in Page.

“Everyone up here says the first budget was too vicious but a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then. Malcolm is a different proposition. Instead of talking cuts, we’re talking growth,” he said. “We have over 13,000 business and if we can help them grow it’s good for everybody.”

Page is currently the site of Australia’s biggest infrastructure work – duplication of the Pacific Highway from Ballina south to Woolgoolga – and it has meant a lot of employment for the region.

“But that finishes in four years,” Hogan said. “We want to be in a position to allow people to maintain their standards of living. People say we talk about jobs all the time but in regional areas we always talk about jobs.”

And as to CSG, Hogan said it was the issue at the last NSW state election: “This community was, as was I, opposed to the issue for a variety of reasons. But it’s dead and buried. The Baird government, god bless them, has bought back the licences and it’s gone. This industry is not suitable for this region.”

Saffin, however, said CSG is far from over.

“Federally, they want to give all assessment powers back to the states. It’s stalled in the Senate but you allow that power to be returned back to the states who grant the licences. It gives you a second look,” she said.

“The Coalition is trying to water down water trigger legislation as part of cutting red tape. And at a state level, they put out a planning document across the north coast that had this area mapped for CSG mining and the NSW government is promoting it overseas as such.

“For locals, CSG is not certainly dead.”

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